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  March 31, 2005

The three candidates for Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) are providing the Permanent Council with information about their financial assets, as part of a process to promote greater transparency in the selection of OAS leaders.

Mexico’s Ambassador to the OAS, Jorge Chen , presented the declaration of assets of Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Ernesto Derbez , during a meeting yesterday of the OAS Permanent Council. He asked the Council Chair to consider the document restricted and to make it available to heads of delegation of the member states for consultation.

Chen underscored the importance that the elections take place in an atmosphere of transparency, as the Permanent Council called for in December 2004, in a resolution entitled “Promotion of Transparency in the Selection of the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General.” The Mexican Ambassador urged the other candidates for both posts to declare their assets as well, “to eliminate any suspicion over the inadequate management of funds during candidates’ previous professional careers, as well as during their leadership of our Organization.”

Chile’s Ambassador to the OAS, Esteban Tomic , announced during the same Permanent Council session that today his delegation would present the declaration of assets of the Chilean candidate, Interior Minister José Miguel Insulza .That document was delivered to the Council Chair, Ambassador Manuel María Cáceres of Paraguay, this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the OAS said today that it would provide information about the financial status of its candidate, former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores , before next week’s election.

Foreign ministers from the region will meet at 11 a.m. on Thursday, April 7, to elect a new OAS Secretary General, during a special session of the General Assembly that will take place at OAS headquarters in Washington. Elections for Assistant Secretary General will take place June 7, during the regular session of the General Assembly, which will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Reference: E-060/05