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Model OAS General Assembly Opens in Mexico

  September 25, 2023

The 37th Model Organization of American States General Assembly (MOAS) for Universities of the Hemisphere was inaugurated today in the Mexican city of Querétaro, in a ceremony that featured the presence of the OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Nestor Mendez; the Secretary of Education of the State of Querétaro, Martha Elena Soto; the Coordinator of International Relations of the Executive Branch of the State of Querétaro, Nury González Rivas; and the General Director of the Tecnológico de Monterrey University, Campus Querétaro, Pascual Alcocer.

The activity, organized jointly by the Tecnológico de Monterrey University and the Office of the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS and which will be held until Wednesday, includes the participation of students and professors from 21 universities from the region in representation of 25 delegations of OAS Member States. The approximately 180 students will study and debate issues related to the impact of emerging technologies on the mitigation of multidimensional poverty and the climate crisis; regional frameworks regarding regulation, protection and access to ensure transparency, especially in electoral processes, accountability and democratic governance in the digital age; and the strengthening of digital technologies to address the new dimensions of human security in future scenarios, including threats to cybersecurity and cyberspace.

The MOAS promotes democratic values among the youth of the hemisphere through a simulation of the OAS General Assembly, in which the students represent the member states through the drafting, negotiation, debate and approval of resolutions according to the positions of the members countries represented. Furthermore, this exercise, held under the theme "Building the Americas of the Future: Emerging Technologies, Social Responsibility and Sustainability," familiarizes students, professors and academic institutions with the work of the OAS and its role as the principal political forum of the Hemisphere.

The OAS Assistant Secretary General thanked the Tecnológico de Monterrey University, Campus Querétaro, for hosting the MOAS and emphasized the impact this type of exercise has on youth, on an academic, professional, and personal level. “This event is a unique opportunity that allows young people to learn about diplomacy, negotiations, and the realities and challenges of decision-making in the multilateral sphere,” he added.

Ambassador Mendez underscored that the discussions over the next three days “will be enriching and will serve as a source of inspiration for the youth in our region, motivating them to become leaders and future diplomats capable of contributing to the construction of a better society and shaping an American continent where young people play a fundamental role in promoting democracy, sustainable development, security and the protection of human rights in our region.”

The next MOAS for secondary schools will be held at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC, from November 15 to 17, 2023, with participation open to all schools in the Americas. All information about the mentioned Models and other MOAS assemblies is available here.

Reference: E-058/23