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Statement from the OAS General Secretariat on the Request for the Disqualification of Cristiana Chamorro in Nicaragua

  June 2, 2021

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) rejects the process of disqualification of the political candidacy of Cristiana Chamorro in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is heading for the worst possible elections, and this new attack on democracy verified yesterday makes it even more impossible to have free, fair and transparent elections in the country. Actions like this remove all political credibility from the government and the organizers of the electoral process.

The use of the Prosecutor´s Office, injunctions and precautionary measures, the politicized handling of justice and the de facto banning of candidates are in violation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the OAS Charter, the instruments on human rights and of international pacts to which Nicaragua is a party.

This process of systematic and repeated violations of the rule of law and of fundamental freedoms delegitimizes the electoral process even before it takes place.

The OAS General Secretariat calls once again for the immediate release of political prisoners, an end to intimidation and scare tactics against opponents, restoration of civil and political liberties, and the redirection of the country toward democracy through free, plural, fair, transparent elections and with international observation in November of this year.

Reference: E-058/21