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OAS Electoral Mission Begins Deployment for June 6 Elections in Mexico

  May 26, 2021

The Mission of Foreign Visitors of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the June 6 federal and local elections in Mexico, headed by the Argentinian Santiago Canton, will arrive in the country beginning today.

Since May 10, the leadership of the Mission and the team have held a series of virtual meetings to receive information and hear diverse opinions on the context in which this electoral campaign and the preparations for the elections are taking place.

The Mission met virtually with representatives of the government, the President, Counselors of the National Electoral Institute (INE), the Presiding Magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), the Electoral Crimes Prosecutor (FEDE) and leaders of national political parties. The Mission appreciates the time that these people dedicated to it and will promptly follow up on the issues raised.

In order to guarantee that the Mission can carry out its work with all the guarantees of independence and autonomy, the Organization has signed two agreements. The agreement with the National Electoral Institute establishes, among other matters, access to all instances of the process, as well as to the information related to them. The document signed with the federal government grants immunities and privileges for the OAS foreign visitors.

The Mission expresses its deep concern over the incidents of violence that have occurred in different parts of the country in the context of the electoral process and regrets the loss of human life. In this sense, the Mission calls on all political sectors to eradicate violent speech and aggressive rhetoric as resources of political competition. Violence has no place in democracy.

For decades, Mexico has experienced successful political transitions thanks to the performance of independent electoral institutions that have allowed the alternation of power, thanks to the respect of the will of citizens. Several generations of Mexican men and women have contributed to the strengthening of democratic values.

Since 2009, the OAS has accompanied electoral processes in Mexico, the last one in 2018. During these 12 years, the Organization has witnessed the serious and professional work carried out by the electoral authorities.

In the final stretch of the electoral process, it is important that all political and social actors behave responsibly and channel their claims, particularly those related to possible irregularities, institutionally through the channels established by Mexican law. In any electoral process, it is essential to guarantee the autonomy and independence of the electoral and jurisdictional authorities, so that they can carry out their functions without direct or indirect pressure.

The purpose of the Electoral Observation Missions is to support the improvement and strengthening of electoral processes and systems. To achieve this objective, the Mission will have specialists who will analyze issues such as electoral organization and technology, political-electoral financing, political participation of women, indigenous people and Afro-descendants, electoral justice, the vote abroad, electoral security, as well as access to media, use of social networks and freedom of expression.

This team, which, due to the pandemic, will work simultaneously remotely and in person, will meet with government authorities, electoral authorities, candidates, political parties, academics, members of civil society and the international community, and will follow up on the recommendations issued in past OAS Missions. Additionally, it will include observers who will be deployed to different states to observe preparations as well as election day itself.

The information collected, as well as the direct observations of the Mission, will be an integral part of the preliminary report that will be presented after the elections. Subsequently, the Mission will present a report to the Permanent Council of the OAS.

Reference: E-056/21