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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Ecuador Condemns the Killing of Council Member Bolívar Vera and other Acts of Political Violence in the Country

  September 8, 2023

The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Ecuador strongly condemns the murder of Council Member Bolívar Vera in Durán, Ecuador, and firmly repudiates any act of political violence that endangers the safety of citizens and the ongoing electoral process. We extend our condolences to Bolívar Vera's family and all those affected by this tragedy. The loss of a human life is a painful reminder of the crucial importance of preserving peace and stability in a democratic society.

The Mission takes note that presidential candidates have had to resort to wearing bulletproof vests to campaign, a fact that limits their ability to move and express themselves in public spaces. The Mission reiterates its concern about the alarming climate of violence that has overshadowed the electoral campaign in Ecuador.

Likewise, the Mission condemns the threats and insults directed towards the electoral authorities, which seek to intimidate and limit their autonomy and independence. The Mission has also noted the increase in fake news regarding the electoral process. Looking ahead to the second round, to avoid misinformation, the Mission calls for Ecuadorians to inform themselves through official and institutional channels and reliable sources of information.

On the other hand, the Mission is aware of the decision of the National Electoral Council regarding the repetition of the vote for National Assembly members for Ecuadorians residing abroad. This determination is in line with the findings and concerns expressed by the Mission in its preliminary report on telematic voting.

The Mission will continue to monitor the electoral process in Ecuador and is fully committed to collaborating with the electoral authorities in the implementation of the recommendations detailed in its preliminary report ahead of the October 15 elections.

Reference: E-051/23