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OAS Experts to Make Final Visit to Honduras before Presenting Electoral Reform Proposal

  June 28, 2019

A group of electoral experts from the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) will visit Honduras from June 30 to July 4.

This will be the final visit to the country before the delivery of the Final Report, which will contain an electoral reform proposal to regulate the new bodies - the National Electoral Council and the Court of Electoral Justice - created by the constitutional reform in January.

The OAS experts will meet separately with various actors. During the last months, in several visits to the country, progress has been made in the articulation of a proposal with broad consensus in the vast majority of the subjects that are subject to regulation, as well as in definitions based on previous reports and diagnoses made by the specialists.

The Final Report, which will include a proposal for the consideration of the National Congress, will be presented in July.

Reference: E-047/19