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OAS to Host Meeting of Haitian Diaspora in Preparation for International Donor Conference

  February 24, 2010

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, announced today that the hemispheric organization will host a meeting of the Haitian Diaspora March 21-23 at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC. The meeting will promote dialogue on the rebuilding of Haiti in preparation for the March 31st international donor conference to be hosted by the United Nations in New York.

This effort by the OAS, the Haitian authorities and the Haitian Diaspora to stimulate the participation of Haitian expatriates in the reconstruction of Haiti is a significant step toward the development of a broader plan of assistance in rebuilding the earthquake-devastated nation.

Ramdin, who also chairs the OAS Group of Friends of Haiti, stressed “the importance of being inclusive as we prepare for the international donor conference and provide an opportunity for the Haitian Diaspora in the USA, Canada, France, and elsewhere to indicate in concrete terms how they can assist their fellow nationals in building a new future.”

The OAS’s decision to facilitate this meeting signals the hemispheric organization’s continuing commitment to provide and coordinate international assistance to the people and government of Haiti following the January 12 earthquake. It also aims to promote dialogue on how best to help the Caribbean nation pave the road ahead to its recovery and development.

Reference: E-047/10