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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Guatemala Rejects Allegations of Fraud in Presidential Election

  June 20, 2019

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Guatemala rejects the allegations of fraud in the presidential election of June 16.

As indicated in its preliminary report, presented on Tuesday June 18, the Mission received complaints of vote buying and observed possible voter transport, as well as errors in the digitalization of ballots. However, these actions in no way change the popular will reflected in the results of the presidential contest.

No electoral process is perfect and in this there are many elements to improve. The important thing now is to conclude the process, clear all doubts and begin to focus on implementing the recommendations so that the process of the second round is better than the first.

The Mission calls on political actors to act responsibly, and asks them if they have conclusive evidence to support their complaints, to submit them to the competent authorities.

The Mission welcomes the decisions of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) aimed at providing greater transparency and certainty in the electoral process, especially in relation to local and legislative elections. The Mission is still in Guatemala and will accompany the entire ballot review process.

Reference: E-043/19