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Malvinas: OAS Secretary General Backs President of Argentina

  February 10, 2012

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, expressed today his full support of the statements made by the President of the Republic of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, who upon vindicating the right of her country to the Malvinas Islands, warned that nobody should expect from her Nation "a response outside of politics and diplomacy." Insulza highlighted that President Fernández “has made use of the only valid instrument to those who believe in peace and democracy: political dialogue; and in this way, she has the full support of all our region."

In full agreement with this position, every year the OAS General Assembly reiterates the resolution adopted by consensus on November 19, 1988, which requests "the governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to renew negotiations to find, as soon as possible, a peaceful resolution to the sovereignty dispute."

The head of the OAS highlighted the decision to repudiate "the militarization of the South Atlantic" expressed by President Fernández, who also asserted she will preserve "a region where peace predominates, where we have had conflicts that we have resolved without arms, among us South Americans."

On the determination of the Mercosur countries to refuse ships with the Islands' flag, Insulza expressed his full agreement with this position and noted that "Great Britain should not try to force the entry into ports of Latin America and the Caribbean of a flag not recognized by the international community."

The Secretary General of the hemispheric organization warned about the danger of sending war ships to the South Atlantic and emphasized the "nonsense in adding a bellicose tone to a conflict with a country that in the last years has expressed its desire for peace, and has not given any indications of wishing to change that a policy." "On the contrary, Argentina is among the last on the list of defense spending countries in our region, and that fact alone speaks clearly about the Argentine people's vocation for peace," he insisted.

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Reference: E-041/12