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Observation Mission of Elections of Judicial Authorities in Guatemala Begins Work in the Country

  June 24, 2024

The Special Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the upcoming election process in Guatemala of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Courts of Appeals and other Courts of equal category began its work today in Guatemala City.

The Mission, made up of Rosa Celorio, Rodolfo Piza and Luiz Marrey, was established by the OAS General Secretariat following the formal invitation of the Government of Guatemala to observe the process.

During its stay in Guatemala City, the Mission will hold meetings with national authorities and other relevant groups.

The Mission opened a communication channel with private institutions, civil society organizations and citizens in general so that they can present information that might be considered relevant to the Mission's work. Any relevant information can be sent via email to the Office of the General Secretariat in Guatemala: [email protected]

Reference: E-039/24