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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Guatemala Rejects Threats of Electoral Boycott and Notes Lack of Certainty in Candidacies

  May 20, 2019

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) to the general elections and those to the Central American Parliament in Guatemala categorically reject the threats of former military figures of a possible boycott of the June 16 vote. The elections are part of the democratic life of the country and cannot be used as a negotiating tool.

Moreover, the Mission, headed by the former President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, has followed up on the cases of the four presidential candidates that have been referred to the constitutional courts. This issue was already warned about in 2015 by the Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS, which stated in its report that "various causes, whose resolutions had potential high impact on elections, delayed and generated uncertainty for parties, candidates and for the citizenry in general." On that occasion, the Mission recommended "simplifying electoral judicial processes to ensure the timely delivery of justice in electoral processes, always safeguarding the rules of due process and the protection of fundamental rights."

This was not resolved in the 2016 reform, and therefore the lack of finality and certainty in the candidacies continues to be a problem that negatively affects the electoral process in Guatemala. The Mission will continue to monitor cases at the national level, as well as those that are taken to international bodies.

Reference: E-034/19