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Timetable of the Project “Strengthening Democratic Institutions in Nicaragua through the Implementation of the Recommendations of the EAM/OAS Nicaragua 2017”

  June 1, 2018

On December 20, 2017, the Chief of the Electoral Accompaniment Mission of the Organization of American States (EAM/OAS) to the municipal elections held in November 2017, presented to the Permanent Council of the OAS the final report of the Mission, which urges the strengthening of the legal, technical, procedural, technological and human areas of the electoral processes in Nicaragua.

In the same meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, the Government of Nicaragua expressed its willingness to continue working together with the OAS General Secretariat on the improvement of the Nicaraguan electoral system, strengthening its institutions and its representative, inclusive, participative and direct democracy for the benefit of all Nicaraguans.

The OAS General Secretariat and the Government of Nicaragua agreed to the establishment of a Technical Cooperation Mission for the implementation of the recommendations of the Electoral Accompaniment Mission, on the basis of the project “Strengthening Democratic Institutions in Nicaragua through the Implementation of the Recommendations of the EAM/OAS Nicaragua 2017,” which consists of the following components, to be carried out according to the following schedule:

Electoral Reforms

• June 3, 2018: Meeting with governmental authorities to define operational plan of activities.
• July to October 2018: Deployment of group of experts on electoral law and work meetings on electoral reforms with authorities, political parties, and civil society.
• November to December 2018: Development of electoral reform proposal.
• January 2019: Delivery of electoral reform proposal.

Technological Solutions

• June to November 2018: Analysis, design and development of computer applications for the logistics of electoral packaging, the accreditation of voting juries and the webpage of the Supreme Electoral Council; pilot programs; training workshops.

• December 2018: operational testing and delivery of products developed.

Guide to Protocols and Technical Specifications

• June 2018: Technical studies.

• July 2018: work meetings with Supreme Electoral Council, political parties and civil society.

• August to December 2018: Development of proposal for protocols and technical specifications to implement certain recommendations and validation workshop.

• January 2019: Delivery of Guide to Protocols and Technical Specifications

Electoral Registry

This component of the project will have an independent timetable from the others detailed in this document given the technical requirements related to the same. The time needed for their execution will be disseminated in a timely manner.

Reference: E-034/18