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OAS, Institutional Security Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil and Citi Foundation Train Students in Digital Security

  May 16, 2019

40 Brazilian university students are participating this week in the international program “Creating a Career path in Digital Security, Pathways2Progress,” organized by the Department of Information Security, the Institutional Security Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, the University Center and Faculty of Projection, the Cybersecurity Program of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Citi Foundation, with the support of the Trust for the Americas.

The objective of the Program is to strengthen the employability competencies of the participants who will receive 48 hours of technical training in digital security: the basic foundations of safe digital environments, incident management, threat analysis and forensic analysis. They will also receive 16 hours on professional development. According to the International Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC), in 2022, 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs around the world will be unfilled.

In addition to Brazil, Pathways2Progress will carry out training sessions in Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Peru until reaching 200 students during 2019. The top 20 will receive a scholarship to attend the Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp 2019 in León (Spain) and an entrepreneurship incubator, with all expenses paid. This event is one of the most important worldwide reference points in specialized training in digital security for professionals of teams responding to cyber attacks, law enforcement and policy makers of national policies in the promotion of safe digital environments for citizens.

In Brazil, the course is offered in the laboratories of Campus II of the University Projection Center, in Brasilia (DF)

The course "Creating a Career path in Digital Security" is offered in Brazil at the Information Technology Laboratories of the Centro Universitario Proyección-Campus II, in Taguatinga Norte, near to the capital, Brasilia. The institution has more than 40 years of experience in the capital of Brazil and within the framework of the country's program. For the rector of UniPROJACIÓN, Professor José Sérgio de Jesús, the joint work with the OAS shows how joint actions can make big projects viable. "We are very honored by the association with the OAS and all the actors involved, it is thanks to these solid and future-oriented alliances that we guarantee the transformation in people's lives.”

For her part, Farah Urrutia, OAS Secretary for Multidimensional Security, said "cybersecurity is one of the priorities of the international agenda that acquires more and more relevance in parallel to the deep process of digitalization that we are experiencing globally.

Initiatives such as Pathways2Progress respond to this challenge by offering qualified training and generating opportunities for future generations. With this edition, the program will reach almost 500 students in 7 countries that benefit from this fruitful collaboration between the OAS and the Citi Foundation together with the governments of the Americas.”

The President of Citi Brazil, Marcelo Marangon, highlighted that, "for the Citi Foundation, it is an honor to be part of this project, since our goal is to help young people between the ages of 16 and 24 pursue their professional and economic ambitions by connecting them to opportunities. In 2017, we began our greatest philanthropic commitment to the global expansion of Pathways2Progress, our response to persistent youth unemployment, until 2020, we will invest 100 million dollars to impact the lives of 500 thousand young people all over the world. Citi will also involve at least 10 thousand employees as volunteers, serving as mentors, coaches and models for young people in support of the progress and aspirations of their career."

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