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OAS Begins Electoral Observation Work ahead of Presidential and Congressional Elections in the Dominican Republic

  May 13, 2024

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the presidential, senatorial and provincial elections in the Dominican Republic began its work in the country ahead of the elections next Sunday, May 19.

The Mission, led by the former President of Chile Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, is made up of 84 people of 19 nationalities who will arrive in the country and follow up on issues of electoral organization, electoral technology, voting abroad, electoral violence, electoral justice , political-electoral financing, political participation of women, campaigns, media and digital communication.

To hear a broad range of impressions about the electoral process in the country, members of the Mission will meet with government representatives, electoral authorities, leaders and candidates, academics and representatives of civil society and members of the international community. After its observation, the Mission will present a preliminary report with its observations and recommendations with a view to strengthening future electoral processes in the Dominican Republic.

This is the twenty-second (22) time that the OAS has deployed an electoral mission to the Dominican Republic, and it is possible thanks to the financial contributions of Brazil, Canada, Korea, the United States, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Reference: E-031/24