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OAS General Secretariat Expresses Concern over Reactivation of Nica Act

  April 5, 2017

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) expresses its concern over the reactivation of the legislative process in the Congress of the United States of the bill known as the Nica Act (Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act).

The OAS General Secretariat considers that the bill, in the context of the present legislature, is not a productive contribution to the tasks that the Government of Nicaragua and the this General Secretariat are carrying out in terms of cooperation for democratic, electoral and institutional strengthening in the country, that have as a direct reference the principles and values of the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

From the General Secretariat, the legislators sponsoring the project are invited to reconsider the necessary aspects that will allow the Government of Nicaragua and the General Secretariat the necessary time and space to carry out the work agreed upon by both parties.

In this sense, the OAS General Secretariat reiterates its most indelible commitment to the pillars of democracy and human rights, which together with multidimensional security and integral development constitute the basis of the action of this regional Organization, and undertakes to continue striving to carry out the tasks planned jointly with its Nicaraguan counterparts.

Reference: E-028/17