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Foreign Minister of Mexico Presented the Main Theme of the OAS General Assembly: "Strengthening Dialogue and Concertation for Prosperity"

  April 5, 2017

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, today presented to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) the main theme of the 47th General Assembly of the Organization to be held in the Mexican capital from June 19-21: "Strengthening Dialogue and Concertation for Prosperity."

In his presentation, Minister Videgaray highlighted the key role played by the OAS as a facilitator of political dialogue in the Americas. "Today, the OAS confirms its relevance as a space for dialogue to address hemispheric and global challenges," said the head of Mexican diplomacy.

"Today more than ever we must renew our commitment to the essential values and principles of our Organization, such as respect for international law, peaceful coexistence between states, hemispheric security, the consolidation of representative democracy, the unrestricted respect for human rights, the eradication of poverty and of course, the promotion of development," said the Foreign Minister.

Videgaray also explained that the Assembly in Mexico City will modify the format of previous years in some aspects, to increase efficiency in the plenary sessions in order to facilitate consensus in the medium term." For example, three interactive panels will be created based on the four pillars of the OAS: Democracy, Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Multidimensional Security. In addition, he added, "the direct dialogue with representatives of civil society, businessmen and observer states will be strengthened."

For his part, the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, praised the Mexico´s selection of the central theme of the Assembly. "Concertation and dialogue are fundamental instruments of democracy, which is our fundamental instrument for the development and prosperity of our peoples," he said. "We are sure that the General Assembly in Mexico, with this thematic discussion, will definitely provide fundamental elements for our work as an Organization in the future," he added.

The member states represented at the Permanent Council welcomed the presentation of Minister Videgaray and offered their support to Mexico in the preparations for the Assembly.

Reference: E-025/17