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Press Release of the OAS General Secretariat

  April 24, 2022

Today the Nicaraguan authorities have illegitimately occupied the offices of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Managua, Nicaragua.

This is a violation of the most elementary international norms. Nicaragua is a founding member of the OAS.

Although it has denounced its Charter, this denunciation will only enter into force at the end of 2023, subject to this country having complied by then with all the obligations that the Inter-American System imposes on all its members, regarding the respect and fulfillment of its aims and purposes.

Until then, Nicaragua is a full member of the Organization and must comply with all its commitments. Article 33 of the OAS Charter guarantees the immunity of its activities in member countries.

We demand that the Nicaraguan government respect the obligations that today govern its relationship with the OAS and with any international organization of which Nicaragua is a member.

Its offices, archives and documents enjoy the most absolute inviolability. Their violation by the Nicaraguan authorities makes them internationally responsible for any consequences.

Reference: E-023/22