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Press Release from the General Secretariat: Cuba: An Illegitimate Transition

  April 19, 2018

The triumph of a dictatorship over freedom is not called a revolution. The presidential succession we have witnessed in Cuba is an attempt to perpetuate a dynastic-familial autocratic regime. It is called a dictatorship," underlined the OAS General Secretariat.

This means decades without democracy, without human rights, and without fundamental freedoms.

The election by the Cuban National Assembly of Miguel Díaz-Canel as President of the country is a decision taken without the free expression of the Cuban people. When the sovereign will of the people is ignored, the only foundation of the authority of the government is delegitimized.

In 2018, a regime that imprisons and silences opponents and dissidents, that has eliminated the freedom of expression, that carried out selective political executions over decades, cannot be considered a system whose political practices are acceptable in the Hemisphere.

Our Hemisphere must continue to demand democracy, freedom, human rights, and accountability, and to move ahead with putting the cases of the dictators before the tribunals of the Inter-American and International Justice Systems.

The actions of this dictatorship have been extremely negative for regional stability and security, and have led to bloodshed, polarization, and division between countries.
Venezuela's case is paradigmatic of the geopolitical ambitions of the Cuban regime.

From the General Secretariat of the OAS, we will continue denouncing and working for a hemisphere free of dictatorships.

The campaigns of lies and defamation that the Cuban regime has been and will continue to promote will not separate us from standing with the Cuban people in the search for their freedom and the dream of the AMERICAS for all.

Reference: E-022/18