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OAS Mission that Observed Elections in Guatemala Presented Report

  February 20, 2016

The Permanent Council of the OAS today received the verbal report of the Mission that observed last year's general elections in Guatemala, presented by the Chief of Mission, Juan Pablo Corlazzoli.

In his report, Corlazzoli congratulated the Guatemalan people and their institutions for the successful holding of the general elections, and highlighted that the country converted the political crisis preceding the second round of voting into an opportunity to deepen its democracy. "The citizen discontent, reflected in large protests throughout 2015, represents an opportunity for politicians to promote initiatives to strengthen inclusion, political participation, transparency, oversight and accountability," he said.

The Mission presented several recommendations to Guatemalan authorities, among them the need to strengthen the autonomy of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and guarantee it an adequate budget; strengthen the system of transmission of preliminary electoral results; simplify and automate the process of registration of citizens in the voter rolls; install affirmative action measure to increase womens' participation in positions of political representation; and give the electoral authority greater power to oversee and punish political parties and candidates that violate campaign finance laws, among other measures.

For his part, the Permanent Representative of Guatemala to the OAS, Luis Raúl Estévez López, said that "in the report there are conclusions and recommendations that the OAS is charged with making to Guatemalan electoral authorities. But as the report itself indicates, we Guatemalans are proud of having carried out an otherwise clean and peaceful process within the framework of the law."

The Mission was supported by the contributions of Argentina, Canada, Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Serbia and Switzerland.

Reference: E-018/16