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Hemispheric Show of Solidarity with Haiti Continues

  January 15, 2010

OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Albert R. Ramdin today announced in a press briefing that all member states of the Organization have already began to provide humanitarian assistance, search and rescue support and emergency relief to the people of Haiti. “We are working tirelessly with member governments and partner organizations to provide immediate assistance and begin planning for later phases of reconstruction,” said the Assistant Secretary General.

Ambassador Ramdin stressed that “the Organization of American States continues to play a leading role in facilitating the coordination of relief efforts among the inter-American system partners (Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), Pan-American Development Fund (PADF), Inter-American Development Bank, (IDB) Inter-American Institute for Cooperation and Agriculture (IICA) and the Inter-American Defense Board (IDB).

In an effort to increase support to the earthquake-stricken cities of Haiti, Ramdin also announced that the OAS will make available immediate resources to assist in the disaster relief. “Today the Organization presented a check for $100,000.00 to the Permanent Representative of Haiti to the OAS and pledged another $1million in technical assistance. Ramdin praised the efforts of the hemispheric response which has totaled over $170 million and 208 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies. Ramdin added, “the OAS will propose to the inter-American partners the establishment, without delay, of a Haiti Hemispheric Fund for Development.

The OAS diplomat said “we will continue to mobilize all necessary financial, logistical and political support to help the people of Haiti during this humanitarian crisis”; and indicated the Organization has set up a Situation Room at the OAS to provide up to the minute updates on the situation in Haiti to all of its Permanent and Observer Members.

Reference: E-012/10