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Haiti: OAS Mission Says Stakeholders’ Discussions at a Delicate Stage

  February 3, 2016

The Organization of American States’ (OAS) Mission currently in Haiti says that “the discussions between the Haitian stakeholders are at a very delicate and urgent stage amid the political situation that the country now faces with the imminent departure from office of President Michel Martelly on February 7.”

Head of Mission, Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador and Chairman of the OAS Permanent Council, Sir Ronald Sanders, revealed today that the OAS Mission has met important opposition stakeholders. These include Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas, Mirlande Manigat of RDNP, Joanas Gue of the Vérité platform, and representatives of the Group of 30. Additional meetings are due to be held today and tomorrow.

The Mission previously met President Martelly, Prime Minister Evans Paul, and members of the Government, the Presidents of both Chambers of Parliament, parliamentary representatives from various political parties, members of the Supreme Court, and leaders of civil society.

Ambassador Sanders said that “the Mission has had very valuable discussions and we recognize that the best solution to the present impasse is one that the stakeholders reach collectively”. “We encourage an inclusive dialogue by all parties to decide collectively on a sustainable mechanism that can manage the affairs of Haiti, including arrangements to conclude the elections’ process.”

Reference: E-010/16