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The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in El Salvador Completes its Deployment this Week

  January 27, 2019

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the presidential elections in El Salvador on February 3 will complete its deployment this week. The Chief of the Mission, Uruguayan diplomat Juan Pablo Corlazzoli, arrives in the country today, to return to the work started during the month of December.

The Mission, which will have 83 experts and international observers from 24 countries, is carrying out a substantive analysis on electoral organization and technology, political financing and electoral justice. Additionally, on the day of the election, international observers will visit polling stations in all departments of the country to observe the course of the election day, from the opening of the Voting Reception Boards to the counting and transmission of results.

In order to have a comprehensive vision of the process, the OAS/EOM made a preliminary visit in December to learn about the progress in the organization of the elections, and deployed a technical team for the general test of January 6 and the simulation of the results transmission system carried out on January 20.

After the election day a preliminary report be presented.

This is the sixteenth election that the OAS observes in El Salvador.

Reference: E-004/19