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OAS General Secretariat Welcomes Approval of Constitutional Reform in Honduras

  January 25, 2019

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) welcomes the approval in the National Congress of Honduras of the constitutional reform that begins the path of electoral reforms in the country. This is an important first step for the holding of free, fair and transparent elections. The OAS highlights that this reform is the result of the commitment of the political parties in the National Congress to improve elections.

The General Secretariat is grateful that the recommendations of the Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS deployed to the 2017 general elections have been taken into consideration and, in particular, appreciates that proposals and considerations of the report of the Group of Experts formed by the OAS to contribute electoral reform proposals have been reflected in the constitutional amendment.

The OAS Experts Group presented a pluralistic and technical proposal, which considered international instruments, comparative experiences, good practices and the contributions received from the meetings held with all the political parties represented in the Congress, with electoral authorities, civil society, academics and other political actors. This aspect is not insignificant as, unlike in previous attempts, it was possible to contribute with a document in which all sectors were heard.

By submitting the report with proposals for electoral reform, the OAS General Secretariat honored the commitment made to various political forces to collaborate in this effort. We appreciate the confidence placed in the OAS Group of Experts, which in addition to its technical, professional and impartial nature, worked quickly and efficiently, recognizing the soundness of the organization's electoral team.

The OAS trusts that the process of secondary electoral reforms will continue over the next few months. For this, the OAS will continue to support the Group of Experts in the legal and regulatory reforms that are undertaken.

Reference: E-003/19