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OAS Presents Report on Cybersecurity in the Americas

  May 2, 2013

The Organization of American States will present tomorrow, Friday May 3, the report “Latin American and Caribbean Cybersecurity Trends and Government Responses,” which was produced in collaboration with the firm Trend Micro.

Protection from cyber threats has become one of the main security concerns of the governments of the world. Since 2007, the OAS, through the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) has dedicated its efforts to develop and enhance the capabilities of Member States in cyber incident response, system monitoring and alert, and mitigation of cyber security threats, as well as effective coordination at both national and regional levels.

The report, which will be available online Friday, illustrates the tendencies in cybercrime and cybersecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean, using both qualitative and quantitative data compiled using the responses of Member States to surveys and data analysis done by Trend Micro.

Among the tendencies analyzed in the report are an increase in the frequency of cyberattacks, an increase in “hacktivism,” or politically motivated attacks, extortion and money laundering by organized crime, and attacks against critical infrastructure.

WHAT: Publication of the report “Latin American and Caribbean Cybersecurity Trends and Government Responses”

WHEN: Friday, May 3, 11:00 EDT (15:00 GMT)

WHERE: The press release and the report will be published on the OAS website To receive them by email, subscribe here.

Reference: AVI-127/13