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Media Accreditation for the OAS General Assembly is Open

  May 30, 2023

The accreditation period is now open for media professionals who wish to cover the LIII Regular Session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), which will take place between June 21 and 23, 2023 at OAS headquarters in Washington, D.C. The accreditation process will remain open until Friday, June 16.

The online form for accreditation is available here.

The General Assembly is the highest political body of the OAS and its decisions will serve as a guide for the activities and priorities of the regional body during the coming year, on issues such as the promotion of democratic governance, the strengthening of human rights, the promotion hemispheric security and attention to shared security concerns, among others. A draft agenda and pertinent documents will be available on the Internet, on the page of the 53rd OAS General Assembly .

For inquiries about the accreditation process, write to Acreditación Prensa

For more information, visit the OAS website at

Reference: AVI-092/23