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OAS and Colombia Celebrate 15 Years of the Mission to Support the Peace Process

  November 6, 2019

OAS and Colombia Celebrate 15 Years of the Mission to Support the Peace Process
Photo: OAS

The Organization of American States (OAS) and representatives of the Government of Colombia commemorated the 15 years of uninterrupted work of the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP/OAS), in a ceremony at the headquarters of the Organization in Washington, DC.

During the event, the Ambassador of Colombia to the OAS, Alejandro Ordoñez, highlighted that “in these 15 years the MAPP has played a fundamental role in the efforts of all Colombian society to achieve a peaceful coexistence among all Colombians, without violence and eradicating all criminal infrastructures that threaten the population and its democratic institutions.”

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the OAS Secretary General, Gonzalo Koncke, recognized the members of the Mission, and said “the OAS will continue supporting the country, working shoulder to shoulder, with the assurance that Colombia's peace efforts also contribute to strengthening its democracy, respecting human rights, and building integral development and security.”

The Chief of the MAPP/OAS, Roberto Menéndez, emphasized that the close work of the Mission with Colombians has allowed it to understand the reality on the ground. “Being at the side of the most vulnerable communities describes the Mission´s raison d'être and is the distinctive feature of this Mission. Be where you should be when you should be, to deter and generate safe environments, to listen and accompany, to call the attention of the authorities, to serve as a bridge, and to seek scenarios of dialogue and understanding,” said Menendez.

Since 2004, the MAPP/OAS has monitored and accompanied peace efforts in the territories most affected by armed conflict, conflict and inequality in Colombia.

Reference: FNE-97960