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Universidad Euro Hispanoamericana of México to Host the Model OAS General Assembly in 2020

  September 6, 2019

Universidad Euro Hispanoamericana of México to Host the Model OAS General Assembly in 2020
Photo: OAS

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Euro Hispano-American University of Mexico today signed an agreement to host the Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS) in April 2020 in Xalapa, Mexico.

The MOAS is a simulation of the OAS General Assembly where students represent each of the Member States of the Organization and defend the policies and interests of the country assigned to them. The objective of the program is the promotion of democratic values among the youth of the Americas and to familiarize students with the work and role of the OAS.

The OAS Assistant Secretary General, Nestor Mendez, stressed the importance of the initiative to educate young people of the Americas in the values of the hemispheric institution. “The Model provides young people the opportunity to come close to the realities of their countries and put into practice fundamental values for their development such as leadership, dialogue, diplomacy, negotiation, cooperation, respect for other visions and the pursuit of the common good,” said the Assistant Secretary General.

For her part, the Dean of the Euro Hispanoamericana University, Ruth María Rodríguez, affirmed that the Model OAS General Assembly is a tool to unite the countries of the region. "We are excited to celebrate this agreement, we hope that it serves to unite us more in the academic and public policy areas as well as in and our cultures, but mainly the peace and brotherhood that should shine among all the nations of the American continent," she said.

Since 1975 when MOAS was created, there have been 35 editions in which more than 5,000 young people from the hemisphere have participated.

Reference: FNE-97381