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OAS Special General Assembly Approves Budget for the Year 2019

  October 30, 2018

OAS Special  General Assembly Approves Budget for the Year 2019
Photo: OAS

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) today approved the Spending Budget for the Regular Fund for the year 2019, amounting to 82.7 million dollars.

The Special Meeting of the Assembly, which took place today at the headquarters of the hemispheric organization in Washington, DC, was chaired by the Permanent Representative of Paraguay to the OAS, Ambassador Elisa Ruiz-Diaz, who led the budget debate process in the Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs (CAAP) of the Permanent Council.

Ambassador Ruiz-Diaz explained the challenges faced in financing the work and mandates of the OAS and said that the Organization "must reinvent itself in many aspects to meet the needs of our peoples, and for this it is necessary to provide it with the essential resources. Otherwise, we would not be acting coherently with what we are asking from the Organization when creating new mandates." She also added that "the Americas need a solid and robust OAS, we should not deprive our Organization of what it needs in order to accomplish its mission."

For his part, Secretary General Luis Almagro said that the OAS General Secretariat will be guided in the execution of the Program-Budget for 2019 by "the prudence, austerity and budgetary discipline that the situation demands." "It is our conviction that austerity makes us grow if it is used as a self-discipline mechanism to create productive capabilities within the Organization and to prevent the creation of new crisis situations that would make us face greater sacrifices," he added.

The Regular Fund of the Organization is financed entirely with the quota contributions of the Member States.

Reference: FNE-95272