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OAS Assistant Secretary General received the 2022 Award for Peace and Harmony from the Interreligious Forum of the Americas

  October 4, 2022

OAS Assistant Secretary General received the 2022 Award for Peace and Harmony from the Interreligious Forum of the Americas
Photo: OAS

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Nestor Mendez, today received the 2022 Award for Peace and Fellowship presented by the Interreligious Forum of the Americas (Known by its Spanish acronym FIDELA), in recognition of his work in promoting democracy, strengthening human rights, and fostering peace and security and integral development.

Ambassador Mendez was awarded during a ceremony that took place in Lima, Peru, within the framework of the fifty-second regular session of the OAS General Assembly. With this distinction, FIDELA recognizes worldwide personalities who demonstrate values such as: a commitment to address local, national or international challenges, seeking viable long-term solutions to face economic, social or political problems; respect for diverse points of view by inspiring them to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions to difficult problems; and who work to make a positive difference in the lives of people and society while respecting human dignity.

Accepting the award, Assistant Secretary General Mendez said “there is no doubt that the work of FIDELA, an exemplary mechanism to promote interreligious dialogue and harmony between religious organizations, civil society and multilateral organizations, aligns with the core values and principles of the OAS, the main platform in our hemisphere for political dialogue, conflict resolution, and the promotion of peaceful coexistence.”

Ambassador Méndez recognized the important role that religious communities play in advancing these goals and thanked the members of FIDELA "for considering me as someone whose work and efforts have contributed to this cause, which I believe is a reflection of what our OAS stands for, what we deliver every day across the Americas, and what we contribute to our countries and societies in fulfillment of that mandate to make life better for our people."

For his part, the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, said that he “joins in recognizing Assistant Secretary General Mendez. His work, integrity and proximity to the people have helped transform the Organization. Thank you Nestor for your commitment to the region."

The Interreligious Forum of the Americas (FIDELA) is made up of a consortium of religious leaders, representatives of faith-based organizations and academic centers that work together to promote answers effective solutions to pressing problems in the Western Hemisphere and around the world.

Reference: FNE-122909