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OAS Secretary General Received the Commission of Public Security Reform in Honduras

  May 13, 2013

OAS Secretary General Received the Commission of Public Security Reform in Honduras
Photo: OAS

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today met with members of the Commission of Public Security Reform in Honduras, with whom he discussed the progress made and challenges that remain in the process of improving the Central American country's citizen protection.

During the meeting, held at the headquarters of the hemispheric organization in Washington, DC, the commissioners talked with the OAS Secretary General about the work of the Commission to improve management in areas related to the police force, the judiciary and the prison system. The Secretary General reiterated the support of the hemispheric organization for the work of the Commission, one of whose members is the OAS Secretary for Multidimensional Security, Adam Blackwell.

During their visit to Washington, DC, the Honduran commissioners plan to meet with representatives of the United States State Department and the United States Congress, representatives of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, civil society and think tanks. They will also meet with diplomats from Colombia, Chile and from twenty OAS Permanent Observer nations.

The meeting with Secretary General Insulza was attended by the five members of the Commission: the Hondurans Jorge Omar Casco, Victor Meza and Matías Fuentes; the former Chilean General de Carabineros, Aquiles Blu; and Ambassador Blackwell. Also present was the OAS Permanent Representative of Honduras, Leónidas Rosa Bautista.

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Reference: FNE-12100