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OAS School of Governance to Train Students at the Diplomatic Academy of Ecuador

  November 10, 2020

OAS School of Governance to Train Students at the Diplomatic Academy of Ecuador
Photo: OAS

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of Ecuador today signed an agreement for the training of students of the Diplomatic Academy of the Andean country in the School of Governance of the hemispheric institution.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Luis Gallegos Chiriboga, said that the School of Governance, an initiative of the OAS in charge of the Department of Effective Public Management, “has become a recognized center whose objective is to provide training opportunities and educate public officials and political leaders in order to strengthen the practices of institutional transparency and citizen participation.” In this sense, he added that "my country has decided to turn to the hemispheric forum so that the students of the Antonio J. Quevedo Diplomatic Academy can benefit from training that serves the interests of Ecuador and of regional multilateralism.”

For his part, the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, stressed that improved training of diplomatic officials is key for increased development of the countries of the region. “Diplomats must have special and even extraordinary capacities for a simple reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is probably the most transversal ministry of all the ministries of the State and the one that has responsibility not only to each of the other ministries, but also to each of the institutions and organizations within the country,” added Secretary General Almagro.

This is the first agreement between the OAS School of Governance and a Foreign Ministry of a member state of the Organization. The School had previously carried out several training courses with academic institutions. The OAS School of Governance specializes in public management, open government, and open data.

Reference: FNE-100035