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Who We Are


What is ITEN?

The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN) is an initiative of the Organization of American States (OAS) that works with Ministries of Education or other governmental teacher education institutions of OAS Member States and classroom teachers to advance the teaching profession in the Western hemisphere.

In early 2019, ITEN launched Phase 4 of its work. Based on the needs of the OAS Member States, and in alignment with the Inter-American Education Agenda, ITEN promotes collaborative work to solve problems of policy and practice in relation to teacher education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) at the early childhood and upper secondary levels.

Special attention is afforded to promote policies and practices that encourage equity for the STEM education of girls, women, and other underrepresented groups.

ITEN offers a networked community of educational leaders in the Americas. it provides an annual cycle of engagement opportunities and competitive funds to participating Ministries of Education.


Meet the ITEN Team

ITEN is supported by a dedicated team of specialists in STEM education, international education, and program management.

Rebecca E. Vieyra
ITEN Coordinator

Rebecca Vieyra has served as ITEN’s Coordinator since September 2018. Previously, she worked at the American Association of Physics Teachers. She is a former high school physics and engineering teacher. She earned National Board Teacher Certification in 2010, was selected for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2013, and served as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NASA HQ in 2014-2015. Rebecca is currently a doctoral student in science education at the University of Maryland. She holds an MAS in science education with a leadership specialization, and a BS in physics education.




Alison Owens
Project Teams Coordinator

Alison Owens is the ITEN Project Teams Coordinator. Having found a passion for education from a young age, she has since worked various roles in many realms of education from early childhood, secondary, university, and adult education to international, outdoor, and service education as a teacher, coach, facilitator, and director. Her primary interests lie in strengthening leaders in the teaching profession and building better connected and supportive international communities. Alison holds a BA in Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics & Literature, Global Relations, and an MA in International Education.

Nathalia Khayat
Strategy Advisor

Nathalia Khayat has been part of the ITEN team since 2013 and with the OAS since 2011. She is an international development professional, with more than 15 years of work in education and communications in public and the private sectors across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. She has extensive experience in forging technical cooperation among ministries of education of Latin American and the Caribbean. Nathalia is passionate about the power of knowledge sharing to bridge educational gaps. She holds a BA in Communications from the School of Advertisement and Marketing of Rio de Janeiro, an MBA in International Relations from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a specialization in Democracy Studies from Harvard University, and an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

Carmen del Pilar Suárez Rodríguez
Teacher Fellowship Coordinator

Carmen del Pilar Suárez Rodríguez joined the ITEN Team as the Teacher Fellowship Coordinator in March 2019. Pilar is responsible for supporting early childhood through secondary teachers in their physics instruction and leadership. She is also a professor and researcher at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi. Her main research focus is the exploration of the social appropriation of science for the promotion of the development of communities of high economic marginalization. She also studies teacher training and teaching strategies for the learning of the sciences. She holds a BA in physics electronics, an MS in metallurgic and material engineering and a PhD in Physics Education. She really believes that education is a powerful tool for helping everyone to improve their opportunities in life.

Patricia Moraes
Grants and Events Coordinator

Patricia Moraes joined the ITEN Team as the Grants & Events Coordinator in March 2019. In her current role, Patricia is responsible for planning and executing ITEN’s Annual Seminar and managing the grants awarded by ITEN in the forms of Cooperation Exchanges and Seed Funds. Patricia’s passion for education stems from her own experiences with the transformative power of education in a person’s life and society in general. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MBA in Global Management.