Press Release

New text of Article 11 of the IACHR Rules of Procedure


Below is the new text of Article 11 of the IACHR Rules of Procedure, which was adopted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on September 2, 2011.

The new Article 11 was adopted with the aim of clarifying the internal procedures for identifying, through a process that is transparent and competitive, the best candidate for the post of Executive Secretary, so as to present his or her name to the Secretary General, who, under the Statute of the IACHR, appoints the Executive Secretary.

The Inter-American Commission appreciates the comments and observations presented by States and by civil society during the consultation process which began on April 1, 2011, when the IACHR published a draft reform of the aforementioned article. The IACHR initially opened the consultation period through June 1, 2011. In response to requests by various Member States and organizations interested in participating in the consultation, the period for sending in comments was extended to August 31, 2011. During this time, the Commission met with States as well as with civil society representatives. In addition, the full Commission had the opportunity to dialogue twice with the Special Working Group to Reflect on the Workings of the IACHR with a view to Strengthening the Inter-American System, on July 19 and August 30, 2011.

The Commission considered all the observations that were presented to it, both in writing and orally, with the utmost attention. In exercise of the powers vested in it under Article 22 of the Statute, the IACHR proceeded to approve Article 11 of its Rules of Procedure with full respect for the provisions established in the Statute of the IACHR, the American Convention on Human Rights, and the OAS Charter.

Article 11

(Approved by the Commission on September 2, 2011)

The Executive Secretariat shall be composed of an Executive Secretary, and at least one Assistant Executive Secretary, as well as the professional, technical and administrative staff needed to carry out its activities.

The Executive Secretary shall be a person of independence and high moral standing, with experience and recognized expertise in the field of human rights.

The Executive Secretary is appointed by the Secretary-General of the Organization. The Commission shall undertake the following internal procedure to identify the best qualified candidate and forward his or her name to the Secretary General, proposing appointment for a four-year term that can be renewed once.

The Commission shall open a public competition to fill the vacancy, publicizing the criteria and qualifications for the office and description of the functions and duties to be fulfilled.

The Commission shall review the applications submitted and identify three to five finalists who shall then be interviewed for the post.

The curriculum vitae of each finalist shall be made public, including on the Commission’s website, during one month prior to the final selection, in order to receive observations on the candidates.

The Commission shall determine the best qualified candidate, taking into account the observations, by an absolute majority of its members.

Prior to and during their period of appointment, the Executive Secretary and Assistant Executive Secretary shall disclose to the Commission any interest which may be considered to be in conflict with the exercise of his or her functions.