The Rapporteurship on Memory, Truth, and Justice of the IACHR was created in 2019. Previously, in 2017, the Thematic Unit was created, within the framework of its Strategic Plan for 2017-2021, during the 161 regular Period of Sessions, 2017. Later, in the 171st Period of Sessions, the IACHR deliberated to convert the Thematic Unit into the Rapporteurship on Memory, Truth, and Justice.

The decision to create the Thematic Unit arose from the analysis of regional challenges in the implementation of legal and political measures in response to serious human rights violations, the IACHR assessed that the issue continued to be a priority issue in the countries of the region, demanding a close follow-up on your part.

The IACHR established that, initially, the Unit would support contributions to the fight against impunity and the promotion of comprehensive reparation, truth, and memory in the continent, evidencing the structural links between the past and the present.

A Commissioner exercises the role of Rapporteur on Memory, Truth, and Justice and the Office of the Rapporteur monitors the situation of the memory, truth, justice, and reparation processes, as well as the guarantees of non-repetition, in general, after contexts of serious human rights violations, intervening in favor of the rights of the victims and they're next of kin under the principles of transitional justice.

The Rapporteurship also advises the Inter-American Commission on the processing of petitions, cases, and requests for precautionary and provisional measures related to this matter. Likewise, it makes visits to the States and prepares studies and reports.