REDESCA launches its Hemispheric Agenda 2024-2026 for Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights

March 25, 2024

A Hemispheric Agenda for ESCER

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Washington D.C. - In a strategic step towards the promotion and protection of rights in the Americas, REDESCA presents its Work Plan 2024-2026, entitled "A Hemispheric Agenda for ESCER". This document, which was presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights during the 189th Session, has been unanimously approved.

This agenda stands out for emerging from a collaborative process with the participation of OAS Member States and Observers, National Human Rights Institutions, civil society entities, social movements, activists and academics from across the region. This collective effort has allowed for the integration of diverse perspectives and has laid the groundwork for a plan that comprehensively addresses the most pressing challenges in the area of ESCER.

"The REDESCA Work Plan's approval aligns with the IACHR's Strategic Plan, reinforcing our joint commitment to strengthening ESCE rights across the Americas," remarked Roberta Clarke, President of the IACHR. "This Plan sets out a clear strategy to address key challenges and safeguard the human rights of the most vulnerable populations".

Building on this, Special Rapporteur Javier Palummo noted the importance of the Work Plan: "This document represents a significant achievement for our office, reflecting a firm commitment to advancing economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights. It directs us towards focused and joint efforts to address critical challenges such as climate change, the effects of business activities on human rights, and economic and fiscal policies, while enhancing democracy in line with the IACHR's framework. We are committed to a collaborative approach in responding to the pressing needs of our times".

This new agenda highlights four crucial areas, chosen after in-depth analysis and input from more than 400 entities and individuals who actively participated in an extensive public consultation process. The priority areas identified include: 1) the Climate Emergency and environmental protection; 2) the interactions between Business and Human Rights; 3) the impact of Economic and Fiscal Policies; and 4) the strengthening of Democracy in relation to the guarantee of ESCER. In addition, the plan stresses the importance of adopting intersectional and intercultural approaches, differentiated strategies for sub-regional diversity, and strengthening interaction with States and social participation as cross-cutting axes for successful implementation.

REDESCA's 2024-2026 Work Plan transcends being merely a strategic document; it represents a declaration of principles and a roadmap designed to contribute to the transformation of concrete realities. This new agenda is an invitation to join a collective effort towards a more just and sustainable future. To this end, REDESCA is committed to establishing a permanent space for dialogue and cooperation with States and civil society organizations, promoting regular interactions and dialogues on relevant issues. Through the preparation of reports, direct contact with communities, participation in public hearings, advocacy and training activities, as well as the promotion of constructive dialogue and support for technical cooperation with States, among other actions, the Office seeks to implement initiatives that reflect the priorities defined.

The Office of the Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights is an office created by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to strengthen the promotion and protection of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in the Americas, leading the Commission's efforts in this area.

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