Annual Reports

One of the essential factors for ensuring full observance of human rights in OAS member states and for helping to strengthen the Inter-American system for protection of human rights consists in full compliance with the decisions of the Inter-American Commission. Furthermore, where friendly settlements are concerned, compliance is critical for building the confidence of the parties in the mechanism's effectiveness.

According to Article 41.g of the American Convention on Human Rights, in the exercise of its mandate, one of the functions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is to submit an annual report to the General Assembly of the Organization of American States. In the Chapter II.D of the Annual Report, the IACHR includes an analysis of the status of compliance with the recommendations formulated in reports on merits (Article 51 of the American Convention) and with friendly settlement agreements approved in reports adopted by the Commission (Article 49 of the American Convention) since 2000.

Both the Convention (Article 41) and the Statute of the Commission (Article 18) expressly empower the IACHR to request member states information and to prepare such reports and make such recommendations as it considers advisable. In particular, Article 48 of the Rules of Procedure of the IACHR provides:

Follow-Up. 1. Once the Commission has published a report on a friendly settlement or on the merits in which it has made recommendations, it may adopt the follow-up measures it deems appropriate, such as requesting information from the parties and holding hearings in order to verify compliance with friendly settlement agreements and its recommendations. 2. The Commission shall report on progress in complying with those agreements and recommendations as it deems appropriate.

The Commission continues to follow up on its recommendations and friendly settlement agreements until they have been implemented in full.

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Annual Reports

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