Questionnaire for the elaboration of a Report on national systems of protection of human rights of older persons in the Americas

The Unit on the Rights of Older Persons of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) conducts the following public consultation with the objective of collecting information about the rights and good practices of OAS Member States in the recognition and effective guarantee of the rights of elderly persons.

The questionnaire can be answered partially or totally, depending on the available information; research, reports, and other documents already prepared and/or published that are relevant to the topic may be submitted; the 30 questions can be answered with regards to the situation of older persons depending on the information available or on the approach of the work of the Member States of the OAS, of civil society organizations, intergovernmental entities, as well as of any person who is interested in sending information about the questions included.

Please send the answers to the questionnaire before January 31, 2019*, by email to: [email protected].

Please indicate “Older Persons Questionnaire - (Name of Country)” as the subject of the email. Please do not send duplicates. In case it is not possible to send an email, the questionnaire may also be sent via fax to the number +1 202 458 3650, or by post to:

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Organization of American States
1889 F Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20006
United States of America

* The original deadline to receive answers to the questionnaire was December 31, 2018. On December 13, 2018, the deadline was changed to January 31, 2019.