About the Working Group


The Committee on Inter-American Summits Management and Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities (CISC), at its meeting of October 21st, 2013, established the Working Group to Classify the Mandates of the CISC and elected as its Chair, Ambassador José de Jesús Martínez, Alternate Representative of Panama to the OAS, and as its Vice Chair, José Luis Ramírez, Alternate Representative of Colombia to the OAS.

The Working Group met on February 11 and March 20 to consider current and procedural mandates (2007–2013) and document CP/doc.4924/13 rev. 1, “Distribution of Mandates Assigned by the General Assembly at its Forty-third Regular Session and Ongoing Mandates from Previous Years,” which includes resolutions AG/RES. 2772 (XLIII-O/13), “Support for and Follow-up to the Summits of the Americas Process,” and AG/RES. 2773 (XLIII-O/13) “Increasing and Strengthening the Participation of Civil Society and Social Actors in the Activities of the Organization of American States and in the Summits of the Americas Process.”
Document CP/CISC/INF. 19/14 rev. 2, reflects the outcome of the mandate-screening process.

Information extracted from CP/CISC-722/14

Secretary of the Working Group

Currently the Secretary of this Working Group is Amparo Trujillo (link-perfil)