About the Working Group

In the framework of the exercise underway at the Organization to review and prioritize mandates, the Permanent Council, during its meeting on December 19, 2012, adopted document CP/doc.4812/12 rev. 1, by means of which it took note “of the request by CIDI and the Committee on Hemispheric Security to remit to the competent body certain mandates that were originally assigned to them.” Forty-eight of these mandates belonged to resolutions whose implementation had been assigned to the Council itself or to the General Committee based on the distribution of mandates drawn up annually by the Permanent Council.

At that time, the Council agreed, inter alia: (1) that “mandates, as defined in document CP/CAAP-2977/08 add. 1 corr. 1, that derive from ministerial meetings and the Summits of the Americas process shall be included in this exercise by the body that is responsible for executing them;” (2) to ask the Secretariat to provide the General Committee with the relevant mandates and deal with any other requests for re-channeling of mandates that it may receive from other committees; and (3) ask the General Committee to establish a working group to conduct the exercise of prioritizing its mandates.

Secretary of the Working Group

The Secretary of this Working Group is Amparo Trujillo (link-perfil)