Violence against women in political life

To the extent that women occupy more space in the different areas of the political sphere - from presidencies, parliaments, courts and public enterprise, to municipal governments - we have also seen an increase in the multiple manifestations of discrimination and violence that seek to silence and limit women's political leadership and the fundamental change that they represent to the distribution and exercise of power.

In recognition of this new reality and the need to stretch our definitions and legal instruments in order to respond in the most effective way, in 2015 CIM opened a new area of work to advance the prevention, care and punishment of violence and harassment of women in politics.


Portada Ley Modelo

Model Protocol for Political Parties: Preventing, Addressing, Punishing and Eradicating Violence against Women in Political Life

Studies indicate that although women's participation in political parties has expanded, women continue to be poorly represented in leadership positions and multiple gender-related barriers persist that limit their trajectories in these spaces. Furthermore, since the issue of violence against women in politics was incorporated into the agenda of national and international organizations, the research carried out and the testimonies of women have shown that this violence occurs largely within political parties. This Protocol seeks to support the party leaderships that direct the modernization of these spaces, as well as the party members that demand it.

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Portada Ley Modelo

Inter-American Model Law on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women in Political Life

Within the context of its work, the MESECVI has recognized the progress of States in the prevention and punishment of violence against women in the private sphere, however, it has also repeatedly emphasized that "these actions do not cover all manifestations of violence against women, especially those produced in the public sphere," and has affirmed the need to make progress in legislation that puishes violence against women perpetrated in the public sphere. This Model Law is a contribution to closing this gap, in response to the growing concern of the Mechanism over violence against women perpetrated in political spaces.

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Portada Declaracion

Declaration on Political Harassment and Violence Against Women

In October 2015, the Conference of States Party to the Belém do Pará Convention adopted this Declaration with a view to highlighting the multiple manifestations of harassment and violence faced by women in the political sphere and to foster actions to prevent, respond to and punish these crimes.

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Portada Democracia de Ciudadanía

Round-table and Expert Group: Violence against Women in Politicss
(February 25th 2015, Washington, DC)

CIM organized these two events with a view to highlighting the problem of harassment and violence against women in politics and identifying legislative and policy reforms, and concrete actions to foster the prevention, response to and punishment of these crimes.