Inter-American Committee on Culture (CIC)

Inter-American Committee on Culture (CIC)

The Inter-American Committee on Culture (CIC) serves as a forum for discussion at the technical - policy level for matters of Culture. It is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Culture and highest appropriate authorities from Member States. Its main function is to follow the implementation of the mandates of the Declarations and Plans of Action of the Ministerial Meetings on Culture, as well as of those that emanate from the Summits of the Americas. The Techincal Secretariat of CIC is the Office of Education and Culture.

The CIC Authorities for 2011-2013 were elected during the Sixth Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Authorities, held in Haiti in 2014on November 9, 2011 in Washington, DC.

        Chair: Haiti

        Vice Chairs:  Paraguay y Guyana (Primera Vicepresidencia), Argentina y Barbados  (Segunda Vicepresidencia)

Meetings of the Inter-American Committee on Culture

For more information, please consult the Rules of Procedure of CIC.