Non Permanent Specialized Committees (CENPES)

The Non Permanent Specialized Committees (CENPES) are technical bodies composed of no more than seven individuals recognized for competence in their area of specialization. The CENPES meet at least once a year at OAS Headquarters to review project proposals that have been submitted to the Special Multilateral Fund of CIDI, FEMCIDI, for funding. Once evaluated, the CENPES present their recommendations to the Management Board of the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) for final approval.

CENPES review projects in the following areas:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Strengthening of Democratic Institutions
  • Sustainable Development of Tourism
  • Scientific Development and Exchange and Transfer of Technology
  • Economic Diversification and Integration, Trade Liberalization and Market Access
  • Social Development and Creation of Productive Employment
  • Sustainable Development and Environment
  • Integral Development

For more information on FEMCIDI and CENPES, please click here.