About the Magazine

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) has ceased publication of Américas magazine. The last issue published was Volume 64, Number 3 (May/June) 2012.

Beginning in 1949, Américas, a general interest magazine, focused on OAS member nations with the main purpose of advancing mutual understanding among the peoples of the Hemisphere.  It was issued bimonthly in separate English and Spanish editions.

In 2010, the magazine received the Leo S. Rowe Memorial Award in recognition of its outstanding performance in promoting the ideals and goals of the OAS.

Américas will continue to fulfill requests for back issues, grant permission for reprints, and retrieve articles from our archives.

Refunds have been processed for any unfulfilled issues of the magazine.

Thank you for your support of Américas throughout the past 64 years.