Speeches and other documents by the Secretary General


July 4, 2023 - Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Distinguished Heads of Government
Honorable Ministers
Your Excellencies
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am deeply honored to be present, on behalf of the Organization of American States on this historic occasion as the governments and peoples of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) celebrate the 50th anniversary of their important and beneficial integration.

We shall all celebrate this 50th Anniversary and we shall all be grateful for the contributions made by CARICOM in the Hemisphere and globally.

We are aware that your countries, and the CARICOM institution itself, have faced numerous challenges; many of them resulting from external events beyond your control; and some of them from the legacy of colonialism.

Yet, CARICOM has met these challenges and endured; like you usually do with charm, and elegance, coolness and happiness like you did this morning when facing the blessings of a heavy rain when planting the trees.

CARICOM's contributions to the Americas and the OAS have been invaluable.

In the past 50 years we have seen a lot happening in our region.

Your commitment to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law sets an example for the entire Hemisphere.

It is because of your work and capacity to build.

Increasingly the countries of CARICOM are playing crucial roles in the OAS, as was clearly demonstrated at the General Assembly of the Organization two weeks ago when CARICOM countries led the resolutions and declarations on extremely important issues such as Climate Change, inadequate access to financing, increased debt, illegal firearms and gang violence.

I commend CARICOM's efforts in charting its own regional response to these challenges while urging the international community to fulfil its obligations.

The General Secretariat of the OAS, and I as Secretary General, pledge our full cooperation to support CARICOM’s interests in the International Financial and Development Institutions.

May the spirit of CARICOM's achievements continue to inspire all nations of the Americas toward a brighter tomorrow.

Integrate, stay united. So long as you stay united that is a blessing for this Hemisphere, for all these reasons.

Empower your people; empower your youth; empower your women; empower all in every nation. That is what you have been doing, and resilient people like yourselves can achieve and can jump to development soon.

Thank you very much.