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OAS - Inter-American Observatory on Security

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This section provides a large selection of PowerPoint presentations, prepared by the participants to the different events on public security organized by the OAS.  This compilation of presentations includes institutional material as well as external contributions.  The opinions and analysis presented in this section are the author's responsibility and do not, therefore, necessarily coincide with the views expressed by the OAS General Secretariat and the OAS Member States. 

Inter-American Specialized Conference on Public Security : Meeting of Experts in Preparation for MISPA II

Montevideo, Uruguay - 4-5 August 2009

  • Presentation by Lucia Dammert, Consultant for the Department of Public Security, Secretary for Multidimensional Security, OAS, "Security Management: Needs and Opportunities"
    ES EN
  • Presentation of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay “Uruguay and Public Security Prevention Strategies”
    ES EN
  • "Regional System of Standardized Citizen Security and Coexistence Indicators Project"
    Presentation by Rodrigo Guerrero, Institute for Research and Development in Violence prevention and promotion of Social Interaction (CISALVA)
    ES EN
  • Presentation of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay  - Plan Ceibal - One laptop per child and per teacher
    ES EN
  • Presentation by Juan Faroppa, consultant, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, OAS “Status of the study by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Citizen Security and Human Rights”
    ES EN
  • Presentation by Gustavo Beliz, "A Decade Creating Knowledge and Support for the Management of Public and Citizen Security"
    Spanish only
  • Presentation by the Republic of Ecuador, "Project of the Regional Systems of Standardized Indicators on Security and Citizen Coexistence"
    Spanish only
  • Presentation by Julio Rosenblatt, Chief of the Public Security Policy Section, Department of Public Security, Secretariat for Multidimensional Security, OAS “Inter-American Security Observatory: Crime and Violence (OIS)”
    ES EN

  • Presentation by Gustavo Palmieri, Consultant, Department of Public Security, Secretariat for Multidimensional Security, OAS “Public Security Model Legislation for the Americas: Basic Elements”
    ES EN

  • Presentation by the Dominican Republic of the National Plan on Democratic Security 
    Spanish only

Other Presentations

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