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The Editors wish to thank the following individuals for their support and encouragement during the long process of putting this book together: Carola Saavedra, Secretary, Department of Regional Development and Environment of the Organization of American States, for making the numerous changes in the text, formatting its presentation, and keeping track of everything throughout; Trish Miller, Secretary, ManTech International, Corvallis, Oregon, for typing early versions of Chapters 2, 5, and 11; Betty Robinson for making something coherent out of what was originally presented to her; and Kathleen Ann Farley for helping to search out the references. Richard Sims of the Organization of American States managed the publication and printing activities, and he, Caroline Martinet, Penny Wallace and David Sheppard of the IUCN worked out the many problems of funding; Dr. Hermann Gucinski, Corvallis, Oregon, and Dr. Neal E. Bandlow, Morrissville, New York, helped review and edit early versions of the text; and Peter Jacobs, Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal, provided the cover photo. We would like, also, to thank the authors of each chapter for their considerable patience and for their willingness to share their insight into the problems of conservation and development planning. Finally, we would like to thank our institutions, the Organization of American States and the United Nations Environment Programme, and IUCN and the Commission of the European Communities for providing us the opportunity to make this book possible.


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