Environmental Law Advisory Group

 OAS Department of Sustainable Development


On Friday August 31st, the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) hosted a meeting of the Environmental Law Advisory Group. The meeting provided an overview of DSD’s international environmental law ongoing initiatives, focusing on new themes that could serve as a basis for the environmental law program in the region, such as shared natural resources and climate change, public participation and access to justice. The participants also discussed possible topics for the agenda of the next meeting of Inter-American Forum on Environmental Law (FIDA) National Focal Points, to be held in December in Brazil.

Meeting Agenda

The group is formed by ten highly esteemed experts from across the Americas in the environmental law field.

·    Antonio Benjamín, Justice, Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (Full Bio)

·    Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Vice President & Regional Director, 


   Conservation International (Full Bio)

·    David Hunter, Professor of Law, Washington College of Law and Harvard Visiting Professor of International Environmental Law (Full Bio)

·    David Markell, Steven M. Goldstein Professor, Florida State University College of Law (Full Bio)

·    Gustavo Alanís, President, Mexican Center of Environmental Law (Full Bio)

·    Isabel Calle, Director, Policy & Environmental Management Program, Peruvian Society of Environmental Law. (Full Bio)

·    Jutta Brunnée, Metcalf Chair in Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto (Full Bio)

·    Luis Fernando Macías, Executive Director, Colombian Institute of Environmental Law (Full Bio)

·    Senator Lynn Pyfrom Holowesko, Founding Partner, Holowesko & Co., former Ambassador of Bahamas for the Environment (Full Bio)

·    Ricardo Saucedo Borenstein, Director of Projects, Founder of  the Bolivian Society of Environmental Law (Full Bio)














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