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The Network of Hemispheric Legal Cooperation in the Area of Family and Child Law (the “Network”) was originated in the Seventh Meeting of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas (REMJA-VIII). On such meeting the member states instructed the General Secretariat (Secretariat for Legal Affairs) to create an inter-American project on legal cooperation and mutual assistance in the area of Family and Child law.

Based on the four inter-American conventions on Family Law which were approved by the OAS (Inter-American Convention on Support Obligations, Inter-American Convention on the Return of Children, Inter-American Convention on International Traffic in Minors, and Inter-American Convention on Conflict of Laws Concerning the Adoption of Minors) and with special emphasis on the rights of minors, the Network will endeavor to facilitate the access to the inter-American system on protection of the family and childhood and will promote international cooperation on the matter.

The Network is formed by three components: a public and a private site on the Internet, and a secure electronic communications system.

The Public Component

The Public Component of the Network (the site on which you are currently navigating) consists of a site on the Internet that contains public information on how to protect and enforce the rights of children and families. The site contains legal information as well as information about the competent authorities of the inter-American system, including information that allows the users to establish direct contact with such authorities.

The Private Component

The [Private Component] offers a site on the Internet with restricted access and private information that enables the users designated by the member states to exchange information regarding legal cooperation in general and/or with respect to specific cases.

The Secure Electronic Communication System

The Secure Electronic Communication System allows the exchange of authentic and confidential information among the authorities designated by each state to participate in the Network, by means of software that provides a system of secure, instantaneous electronic mail and workspaces on which virtual meetings can be held and official documents can be exchanged.


[Private Component]


Glossary of Terms (document elaborated by the Child Welfare Information Gateway of the US Department of Health and Human Services)

Conclusions and Recomendations of REMJA-VIII

Form for the designation of Central Authorities

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