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Title: Literature in EFL: Beyond Language Learning
Author: Luis Jesús Rincón Ussa
Summary: This article presents the results of a qualitative research which looks into the field of literature in EFL. Seventh grade students of a private school in Bogota took part in the research. Data was collected by means of audio recordings of small group discussions, teacher´s journal, and responses to literature logs. The results show that the connections that EFL learners make with literary texts enrich their interpretations, analysis and value judgments of experiences and real life events. Furthermore, critical thinking skills are enhanced. In addition to this, literary texts bring up appealing and meaningful topics in the classroom enhancing students´ motivation and willingness to use the target language.
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Publishing House: Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas
Year of Publication: 2013
Upload date: 12/6/2016

What transformation/reform does this initiative pursue?
Promote discussion, among scholars, about the role of literature in English as a foreign language.

What policy/practice has been put in place to achieve this change?

What evidence exists to demonstrate that this intervention is having the desired result?

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Full Name: Rincón, Luis Jesús
Organization Name: Universidad de la SAlle
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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Keywords: Teacher quality and learning outcomes, Teacher effectiveness, Teacher competency , Intercultural education
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