Cooperation ITEN’s horizontal cooperation activities aim to support institutional strengthening of the Ministries of Education of OAS member states by promoting knowledge sharing on policies, experiences and best practices in the field of the teaching profession.

Through the Co-TEP, member states and other key stakeholders may share and identify policies of interest and contact countries and/or institutions to plan technical cooperation missions or study visits. Those interested in engaging in cooperation can browse policies, programs and practices using the Co-TEP Library selecting their topic of interest and learn about different experiences. Contact information for the documents shared in the Co-TEP is available in the document contribution form.

For further information on ITEN’s horizontal cooperation missions, study visits and other opportunities of cooperation visit the following link.

The ITEN Teacher Policy Center is carried out with the financial support of the U.S. Permanent Mission to the OAS and the support of OREALC/UNESCO Santiago.